Players Compete! At motion-controlled virtual sports.

Climate controlled, non-contact, low impact, sports entertainment exercise, no excuses!

About Us

Next generation sports entertainment and participation.

Welcome Next Gen Athletes!

 VPLSPORTS.COM will be a family friendly recreational sports league designed to promote augmented, motion-controlled virtual sports. SkullPopDals, our flagship location for the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area will offer recreational and competitive sports leagues, tournaments, coaching, match recording (players portal), and youth camps. When we open our doors, people in the metro area will be at the forefront of the true intersection of sports and technology. 

Stadium courts with living room comforts

A Tradition of Participation

We know that there are multiple ways to show your team spirit. We hope you will choose to compete with us, and that you will welcome good sportsmanship and camaraderie that transcends sports participation. 

VPLSPORTS.COM will provide player's arenas where participants can engage in motion-controlled virtual sports. We will offer climate controlled, indoor sporting activities, so that our players' stadium environment is always available for year-round use. Check back for the location of our flagship facility where you will be excited to challenge the athlete in you.

Virtual gaming, real sports

100% Players Inclusion

We are building a players league that welcome fans. If you have questions about us, our planned services, or even criticism, get in touch! We will work with you to make sure our players' experiences are always great.

Customer Profiles

Fitness Lifestyle

Fitness lifestyle through motion-controlled virtual sports.

You are always in shape, are you match fit?

Athletic Look

Athletic look through repetitive participation in motion-controlled virtual sports

Repetition discipline towards game performance?


Outdoorsman when climate permits; athlete  in motion-controlled, visually stimulating, sports

The tranquility can't be duplicated, but visual stimulation will always be fresh!


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Communicators Welcomed

Have a question about our products and services, or about how we can match your specific needs? If you have a special request, ask us. Send us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

VPL Sports

99 King St, #2099, Saint Augustine, FL 32085


Operating Hours

We will adjust our service hours to meet demands of our participants.

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